About Us

Mark Abouzeid, a former mechanic, went from fixing cars to selling them. He dropped out of Butte College at 20 years old and went to work as a mechanic. But when it came time for him to get a raise and his boss offered a measly 50 cents an hour, Mark had an epiphany.

He gathered up his wrenches, told his boss to cram it, and rolled his toolbox out the door and all the way home. Five days later he was his own boss. Six months after that, he hired his first employee. Now, he is the proud owner of Chico Volkswagen along with his wife Amy.

Mark Abouzeid takes as much pride in his past as he does in his present success. "The difference between me and every other car dealer in town is that they all walked in with a suitcase full of money and said, 'I want to be a dealer.'" Abouzeid said. "I pushed a toolbox. I was a wrench. Nobody in this business starts as a technician."

In 1985 Mark started Automotive Elite and catered specifically to Volkswagen and other European cars. His business was chosen to be the first factory-authorized non-dealer service center for Volkswagen in the United States (Chico had no VW dealership at the time), and later it became the first such center to become an actual VW dealer!

One of Mark's greatest satisfactions is to see his employees start families and prosper in their own lives. Maybe it's because he knows what it's like to start at the bottom. His passion and work ethic have become a part of Chico Volkswagen and maybe that's why we say we're the place "Where the People Make the Difference!"

Chico Volkswagen

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